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Rule 01: No illegal sites
Rule 02: No 100% CJ sites
Rule 03: Minimal trade 100 uniques per day
Rule 04: Absolutely NO POPUPS or CONSOLES!
Rule 05: No sites that auto-resize the browser window!
Rule 06: All returns are based on the Productivity of yout traffic
Rule 07: Don't just signup without sending traffic, Force at least 50 clean hits to start the trade.
Rule 08: You MUST Provide a valid email address or ICQ number so that I can contact you if neccessary!
Rule 09: Be sure to start a force. We don't send back just because you send a few hits. We don't tolerate Freeloaders! Rule 10: All trades MUST have a Toplist. If you don't have a Toplist, don't bother signing up.


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